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Again, the deception is that we can get away with it and that we will be not be me and my family and my Lord, I honestly believe I never would have done it.'”.

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Maybe because I have dyslexia myself, and dyslexic family members, but I found Sasha's dyslexia to be a very humanizing touch. Surprisingly for a love story between a princess and Rhode's Scholar, her vulnerabilities because of her learning disability made her very relatable.

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Her accent and distinct voices. Who was the most memorable character of The Princess Affair and why? The love story felt sweet and genuine, both characters are likeable people with relatable vulnerabilities. Any additional comments? I really didn't expect to enjoy this and find it so sweet as I did. I loved everything about this book. The imagination of having a lesbian royal family member involved with a commoner was too good to pass up.

Just a little bit hard to start but once I understood who went where it flowed wonderfully. I could really imagine this happening in a modern royal family! It could be from any country. It didn't have to be from Britain. It sure helped that William took up with Kate in a happy relationship..

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What made the experience of listening to The Princess Affair the most enjoyable? This is the first book I listened to from Nell Stark and I really enjoyed.

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A true modern royal fairy tale…dreamy and feel good kind of story. Not to mention the British accent!!! What other book might you compare The Princess Affair to and why? Maybe some stories like Sabrina.

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What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike? Victoria Aston does a really good job changing accents. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? The Queer Princess It deserves a sweeter tittle Brilliantly written and performed. The narrator does different voices for different characters going back and forth from a British accent to an American one.

I LOVE this book! Very well written and spoken.

Definitely kept me in my toes. By-the-numbers lesbian romance bolstered by a sweet disposition and a top-notch narrator. Gladly following author. A little lack luster, kept skipping around. Cute story though wish I could find more like it. Lovely storytelling as a U. Charming characters. Sincerely hoping for a sequel!!! It was hard for me to rate this this story, because it is a bit like asking me to rate a picture gallery, where there different works of art present, some are amazing and some are odd, and feel discordant.

The Torrid Affair That Torpedoed Princess Margaret's Marriage

Overall the story works, and it must have been a heck of a challenge to take on a romance involving royals in the UK, for a writer which is US based. There are only a few places, despite all the extensive research that must have go into this work where it becomes apparent that the writer is not native to the UK e.

The novel wouldn't have worked without this, as the believably aspect would have been hard to pull off, but for me it worked. And I enjoyed the descriptions of oxford and the studies there, this painted a great picture. The main issues, are around the start, are are editing problems, repeats, examples inline but also tendrils of story does no engage that well at the beginning. Once past this point it's palatable sentences work as fine tendrils. The basic problem I have is that it seems over engineered in places, while others seem to have not been given the same level of attention.

This makes the work patchy. Some of the 'monologue' passages are overly lengthy and once I got the understood the tendrils of meaning, I didn't need the remaining words. I also felt there was not enough general interaction between the main characters in dialogue. Mainly for Kerry, who seems to spend a lot of her time just comforting and praising Sasha.

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The narration from Victoria Aston is very good, and her accent lends authenticity to the story. And, I know I'm being verbose in this response, but mostly because this is a talented author, just a bit more on getting the balance 'write'. Wasn't really interested in reading this book when it was first released, thought it was another chic lit book, but was I wrong. Bought it mainly because I love listening to audio books, especially lesbian romances.

The story, although not a deep book, still has it messages and the story of the romance was well crafted. Although I can't see a hotel in Oxford having rooms, the book itself, by literary standards was pretty believable. The idea of a British Princess and a Rhodes Scholar coming together to form a romance really works! By: Nell Stark. Narrated by: Victoria Aston. Series: The Princess Series , Book 1.

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