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It stands for:. Situation: Set the scene and provide the necessary details. Task: Describe what your responsibility and goals were. Action: Describe exactly what steps you took to reach the goals. Result: Share what outcomes your actions achieved. The client is not interested in whether you would be a star worker with a little help and guidance.

Interview process and strategies: a comprehensive FAQ guide

They require evidence that you will be able to deliver now. The STAR technique helps you confirm this, in a digestible but compelling way. If you want to be that in-demand contractor, who converts every opportunity into a new contract — or you want to increase the number of quality contractor opportunities — then sign up to our webinar:. Damien Lee will be sharing his insight gleaned from over 20 years in contract recruitment, covering: how to sell your services effectively at interview, including common mistakes, how to frame case studies to show your ROI, secrets to win over the interviewer, and more.

Analysts need facts. Expressives are interested in your overall impact. Amiables like the story behind the results and the overall vision. They view interviews as a sales pitch A common mistake made by contractors is to approach an interview like a job interview.

How to Prepare for a Behavioral Interview |

They prepare during their contracts Contract roles can be advertised one day and filled the next. It stands for: Situation: Set the scene and provide the necessary details. When preparing for your interview, think of examples you can share that demonstrate your proficiency for each skill the assignment requires.

The Solution: Job Auditions

Provide specific details as evidence of your ability to apply your skills to meet objectives. You are then likely to be asked a range of specific technical questions related to your area of expertise.

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Be specific when describing your duties, the skills you used and your outcomes. This is your chance to prove you will fill their skill gap and get the job done. Link your answer back to your career goals. For example, do you want to gain experience in a wider range of industries or on different projects?

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Lastly, as with any interview, remember to ask your own questions at the end to demonstrate your interest in the role. These questions could be about the particular project or duties, if the organisation has used temporary or contract staff before and how your success in the assignment will be measured. My over-arching advice here, would be to put as much effort into interview preparation as you would if you were interviewing for a permanent role.

Temp roles are a brilliant chance for you to network, add some quick wins and tangible results to your CV, and learn more about what you want from a permanent employer, so why give this opportunity anything less than percent? Prior to joining Hays, he had a background in human resource management and marketing, and has formal qualifications in Psychology. The Corporate and Sector H devices are original designs protected by registration in many countries.

How Our Brains Sabotage Us During Interviews

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