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Christer Thagesson participated in the battalion 57C in Cyprus in the fall of He knew his mother had cancer, but not how quickly the end was approaching. His mother had expressed the wish that Christer would not know how seriously ill she was.

Take It Like a Man

His mother wished to keep Christer in the dark regarding this, in order to not worry him, now that he was so far away from home. I will keep it short as usual, but I'm not in a letter-writing mood, so it might be even shorter. It went well when I got your amplifier, Jens got it out and took it home, so it is here. She sends her regards, I have spoken to her recently and got your address.


It is a sweet girl you have there, hold on to her. Now, here is my real message, and unfortunately it is not an amusing one. I want you to know, and it is about mother. I have known this for a while, since I have been in contact with her doctor, so I have gotten used to the idea. She was up here with us for ten days, and it was nice to have her with us, when you know that it is probably, or surely, the last time she could make such a trip.

Right now, it is in the stomach, liver and not least the large intestine, which is so badly affected that it even was too late to give her a bag on the stomach, which you might have heard about. Now, she cannot keep anything she eats or drinks, it comes up or runs out of her. So, today she went, with Helens help, of her own free will in to the hospital, and was admitted getting drip and being looked after.

She is thin as a rake and in a lot of pain, which they give her narcotics for. If the examiner finds the surface of your prostate to be hard and lumpy or your PSA levels are higher than expected you may be referred for additional tests. If you haven't already seen a Consultant Urologist they may conduct another rectal exam to check the GP's initial assessment. The next step is usually to have an MRI scan so an image of your prostate can be examined. If necessary, you may then be referred for a biopsy to take a sample from your prostate. Even then, finding cancer cells in your prostate doesn't necessarily mean you'll need cancer treatment.

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