Theodicy and the Problem of Evil

Again, the deception is that we can get away with it and that we will be not be me and my family and my Lord, I honestly believe I never would have done it.'”.

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I am so scared that he is going to hurt the boys. Daddy, I am even scared that he may kill us. That is why I am using this el cheapo phone.

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Don't call me on it. I have to keep it hidden. He steals parts for AR 15's from work. He buys the other parts he needs. Now he is trying to steal C4 from work. He says if I try to leave, he will kill us. Daddy, he is the reason I have not talked to any of you all for years. He would not let me. Daddy, I don't have friends, family I have nothing. We will get you out of this situation. Are you willing to do this? Are you willing to come back to the South? I start to cry silent tears.

That hurts me so deeply. I want to make it so you and those kids never have to see him again. I want you to get every single penny he owns.

Are you and the kids okay right now? This is not how God intended for marriage to be. Call me in the morning. If I do not hear from you, know I will be coming up there to get you all — come hell or high water. If I could go back and kick my year-old ass, I would. Within five months, I met a man online, met him in person, dated him, and married him. A person should put more than five months of thought into adopting a dog.

He is also my cousin. I am not sure where this is going. I literally have to wipe down paper plates when we are allowed to use them. We are forced to steal toilet paper, ketchup packages, and He wants to blow up the bridge in front of our house, in case of an attack, with the C4 he plans to steal this weekend. Can you start packing without him knowing? Gerald wants you to do a few important things. First, take pictures of all the gun parts, the serial numbers on them, any paperwork. Send those pictures to me. That is our ace in the hole.

Then, start writing down account numbers for everything. Even better would be to make copies of statements. Not just bank statements. Life insurance, health insurance, and all that other stuff. Also, make a list of all the real estate you own. Write down parcel numbers, too.

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Can you fax it all to me by tomorrow? I spend the rest of the day explaining to the boys that we are secretly getting ready to move. They do celebratory dances and give me big hugs. We pack, and we take pictures of gun parts and guns. I take pictures of all the other incidental things he stole from the military: a boxed-in wagon, hoses with copper wiring in them, antennas, goggles, and a generator.

I see where Gerald is going with this. Roy will be forced to give me whatever I want. Goodness knows, I have helped him amass quite a bit of wealth in real estate over the years. Of course, he always took credit for it. Friday afternoon, I transfer half of each bank account into my name. It is not much.

We are land rich and money poor, because Roy likes to spend money on what Roy wants. I have been tempted over the years to sell the real estate that was not making a profit. However, I knew that if I did so, Roy would spend that money with frivolity.

Madeleine L'Engle Interview Transcript

He could spend money faster than green grass goes through a goose. Gerald, Daddy, and Momma pull into my driveway promptly at three thirty. Gerald is driving what has to be the biggest U-Haul made. Momma and Daddy drive their Escalade.

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All of us waste no time in loading the U-Haul. By the time Roy gets home, we are finished.

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The door to the truck is locked. The boys hang their heads, as they usually do around him. Daddy steps in front of the boys.

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Gerald greets him with a smile only lawyers can devise. Thanks for asking," Gerald responds with Southern sarcasm. He stands straight in order to intimidate me further. Daddy squares off with him, ready to fight. Damn carpetbagger. I have wanted a good excuse to give you a Southern ass-whipping. You take one step closer to her or those boys, and one of us will end up in a body bag. Roy lurches at me, his eyes dark with hate. Gerald puts out his arm to block him from stepping closer.

You will then, without argument, sign the divorce papers that I will draw up.

If you do not, I will take these pictures, along with all the stolen gun parts, which are now in the back of the U-Haul, to your commanding officer and your boss at your federal job. You will lose your rank, your retirement, your job, and your freedom. Yes, you will serve time, and a lot of it.