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Elle est intelligente. Ils sont intelligents.

Elles sont intelligentes. Il est amusant. Elle est amusante. Ils sont amusants. Elles sont amusantes. This process is called liaison. In this book, will will show that the sound is connected usung z. I have two pens. You have three brothers.

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He has an idea. Expressing Age Avoir is used to express age. G: Direct Object Pronouns le, la, and les le, la, and les are called direct object pronouns, because they are pronouns that are, you guessed it, used as direct objects. A direct object is a noun that is acted upon by a verb. In the above sentence la boule is the direct object. You have learned earlier that names and regular nouns can be replaced by the subject pronouns je, tu. Similary, direct objects, such as "la boule", can be replaced by pronouns.

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Le, la, and les can replace either people or inanimate objects. To conjugate, drop the -er to find the "stem" or "root". Add endings to the root based on the subject and tense. Example: J attends. Also, as a rule of thumb: h is considered a vowel; as in J habite. If a phrase is negative, ne changes to n. In all plural forms, the s at the end of each subject pronoun, normally unpronounced, becomes a z sound and the n of on becomes pronounced when followed by a vowel.


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It is a type of pronominal verb a verb that includes a pronoun as part of it called a reflexive verb, which means that the action of the verb is reflected back onto the subject. Literally translated, the verb means I amuse myself. When negating a sentence, remember that the negative goes around the conjugated verb. Besides the new vocabulary you should also have a look at how the verbs are conjugated depending on the subject of the sentence. What are you doing? You will learn their conjuagtion in a later lesson. G: Indirect Object Pronouns lui and leur Indirect objects are prepositional phrases with the object of the preoposition An indirect object is a noun that receives the action of a verb.

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Lui and leur are indirect object pronouns. Whether lui means to him or to her is given by context. In English, "He throws him the ball" is also said, and means the same thing. When used with the direct object pronouns le, la, and les, lui and leur come after those pronouns. Note that while le, la, and les are used to replace people or inanimate objects, lui and leur are not used to replace innanimate objects and things.

Also note that unlike le and la, which are shortened to l when followed by a vowel, lui is never shortened. V: Jouer The verb jouer is a regular -er verb meaning to play. It can be used to refer to both sports and instruments. As always, jouer must be conjugated rather than left in the infinitive.


Partir is used in other phrases. You will learn how to conjugate these verbs in a future lesson. G: Faire The verb faire is translated to to do or to make. It is irregularly conjugated it does not count as a regular -re verb. Exercises Try to describe your house or bedrooom using the vocabulary. Don t forget prepositions. You may also wish to talk about what housework you do. Nous avons aussi un bureau avec 3 ordinateurs[4] : un par personne! La cuisine est toute petite et nous y[6] mangeons[7] le soir. Il y a une petite table et 4 chaises.

Le jardin est assez grand et nous y faisons pousser des fleurs. The ne is placed before the verb, while the pas is placed after. Il n est pas avocat. He is [a] lawyer. He is not [a] lawyer. Nous faisons nos devoirs. Nous ne faisons pas nos devoirs. We are doing our homework.

We are not doing our homework. Je joue du piano. Je ne joue pas du piano. I play the piano. I do not play the piano.

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Vous vendez votre voiture. Vous ne vendez pas votre voiture. You sell your car. You do not sell your car. Examples Il est belge. Il n est pas belge. He is Belgian. He is not Belgian. Nous lisons un livre. Nous ne lisons pas de livre. We read a book. We do not read a book. Je mange une cerise. Je ne mange pas de cerise. I eat a cherry.

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  6. I do not eat a cherry. Cold and Windy Weather Il fait chaud.