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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

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Aventures de Baron de Münchausen by Gottfried August Bürger and Rudolf Erich Raspe

That is the appetite …. In this production, Baron M tells about his deadly wager with the Turkish sultan that he can have a superior bottle of Tokay wine brought from the cellars of the Austrian emperor within an hour; about how he the baron climbs to the moon and has a row with the Queen of the Moon; about how he drops to earth, meets Vulcan and falls hopelessly in love with Venus, who is inconveniently married to the hammer-wielding Roman god; and finally, about how he is taken inside the belly of a whale during a storm at sea.

A great deal of thought has gone into the staging, with the cast skillfully manipulating a wooden cart, which serves as the base for many different things when transformed by the props, including the Ottoman court, the moon, a ship at sea and a whale, helping the storyteller spin his yarns and reminding us that nothing is really as it seems. But this is an adventure story, and the audience, mostly made up of young children, laughed as the story unfolded. On the way out, one mother told us that her younger children had enjoyed the spectacle more than the older ones and were not frightened by it.

Producer Hacid Bouabaya and the cast display a sure touch in seeking to close the space between the stage and rows of seats. Baron M gave me the chance to visit the delightful Cartoucherie theater complex in the Bois de Vincennes.