Theodicy and the Problem of Evil

Again, the deception is that we can get away with it and that we will be not be me and my family and my Lord, I honestly believe I never would have done it.'”.

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High-profile events, such as the G20 Summits and the Olympic Games, are increasingly influenced by globalization, geopolitical developments and digitalization.

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Alice Crelier writes that these elements open the door for the proliferation of nefarious cyber activities. Due to their costs, political implications, reach through media and reputational significance, such events cannot neglect cybersecurity. In response, Crelier here defines an approach to big events and addresses key issues regarding cybersecurity organizational processes and incidents. Instead, he outlines how the eFP is an innovative deployment model developed in response to the dynamic and complex threat environment confronting the Alliance.

Leuprecht also explores the prospects of applying the eFP framework elsewhere. The supply of essential goods and services in modern societies has become more volatile due to the globalization of the flow of goods. In this article, Andrin Hauri explains how in Switzerland, enterprises and the state cooperate on national economic supply to ensure the provision of vital commodities and services in times of crises.

He also outlines that changes are required if this system is to continue function as it should in the future. Here is a selection of articles recently featured on our blog. Expanding Disclosure Policy to Drive Better Cybersecurity Rob Knake contends that the US should require companies should to disclose instances of cyber-enabled intellectual property theft. Defense, the Western Balkans and multilateralism stand out as areas of particular priority. Despite calls for the decolonisation of knowledge, scholars who come from conflict-affected societies remained marginalised, excluded from the examination of the politics and impacts of liberal interventionism.

This edited volume gives local scholars a platform from which they critically examine…. Hardback — Routledge Worlding Beyond the West.

Worlding Beyond the West

By Chih-yu Shih et al. By contrast, this book recognizes the general need of all to relate, which they do through various imagined resemblances…. This approach challenges…. By Audrey Alejandro. Since the s, a 'critical' movement has been developing in the humanities and social sciences denouncing the existence of 'Western dominance' over the worldwide production and circulation of knowledge. However, thirty years after the emergence of this promising agenda in International Relations….

Edited by Ersel Aydinli , Gonca Biltekin. Edited by Anna Leander , Ole Waever. This book looks at the worlding of the Global South in the process of assembling conflict resolution expertise. Paperback — Routledge Worlding Beyond the West. Contributors to this volume…. By Sheryl Lightfoot. While Indigenous peoples are often dismissed as marginal….

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By Helen Louise Turton. This work seeks to explore the widely held assumption that the discipline of International Relations is dominated by American scholars, approaches and institutions. It proceeds by defining 'dominance' along Gramscian lines and then identifying different ways in which such dominance could be…. By Laura Lima. This book looks at the development of thinking about security in Brazil between and In order to do so, it develops a new framework for thinking about intellectual history in Brazil and applies it to the development of knowledge on security in that country.

Building on the Gramscian….

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Edited by Charlotte Epstein. Drawing together insights from a broad range of scholars, it evaluates what it means to…. By Laust Schouenborg.

IR has always suffered from a parochial occupation with the state and the Western system of…. By Kathryn Starnes. This book offers a critical engagement with contemporary IR textbooks via a novel folklorist approach.

Claiming the International (Worlding Beyond the West)

Two parts of the folklorist approach are developed, addressing story structures via resemblances to two fairy tales, and engaging with the role of authors via framing gestures. The book not only…. By Andrew Davison. Drawing on scholarly and life experience on, and over, the historically posited borders between "West" and "East," the work identifies, interrogates, and challenges a particular, enduring, violent inheritance — what it means to cross over a border — from the classical origins of Western political….

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By Henrik Breitenbauch. By analysing argument structures in research articles across time, this book shows how the discipline in France is caught between the American character of the discipline and the French….

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By Pinar Bilgin. International Relations continues to come under fire for its relative absence of international perspectives. Edited by Arlene B.